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ESL Speaking Topics

Here you will find a list of ESL speaking topics. When you’re looking for a particular topic, you don’t have to comb through all the posts, all the topics that were covered in different speaking activities are listed here.

ESL Speaking Topics


32 Inspirational And Creative Job Interview Questions For ESL/Business English Students.

Business English Role-play Activity: Annoying Coworkers

ESL Speaking Activity Worksheet: Business Plan

Business English Vocabulary Card Game | Forbidden Words


ESL Role-play Worksheet: Food

Food and Travel ESL Lesson: Interactive Online Lesson

At The Restaurant: ESL Pair Work and Role Play Lesson.

ESL Vocabulary Activity Based on Taboo: Food


Christmas Vocabulary: ESL Taboo Cards

10 No-Prep and Low-Prep Fun ESL Christmas Activities

Advent Calendar for ESL Students: 24 Ideas To Make Your Lesson Even More Fun!


Taliban Take over Afghanistan: Dare to Educate Afghan Women(UPDATED)


10 ESL Netflix Shows to Watch With Your Students

ESL Video Lesson Based on Netflix Docuseries “The Mind, Explained”

ESL Video Lesson Plan: Stand Up Comedy With Shayne Smith And The Prisoner of Azkaban


ESL/EFL Role-plays: Nature&Environment


Online ESL Video Lesson : Can Sci-fi Predict the Future?

Conversation Questions: Future Tenses


Halloween Worksheet: Video ESL Vocabulary and Speaking Activity

Halloween ESL Video Lesson: Simone Giertz Made a Soup Robot


Health Vocabulary: Common Symptoms

ESL Vocabulary Activity. Forbidden Words: Health

Human Rights

Picture Based Speaking Activity For ESL/EFL Classes


Media/Entertainment Vocabulary Card Game Based on Taboo.


12 ESL Negotiation Role-plays: Real-life situations


ESL Communication Activity: Science Role-Plays


Popular ESL Conversation Topics for English Practice


50 ESL Conversation Questions for Teens and Adults

ESL Pair Work Activity: Teenager Issues


ESL Game Compound Nouns Dominoes: Town and Countryside


Food and Travel ESL Lesson: Interactive Online Lesson

ESL Conversation Lesson: Game Of Thrones And Traveling

ESL/EFL Vocabulary Activity: Travel Compound Nouns Dominoes

ESL Travel Vocabulary Taboo Cards

ESL Role Play Worksheet: Travel/Holidays


How Can We Volunteer While On Holiday? ESL Group Work: Volunteer Holidays.

General ESL Speaking Topics

Questions for ESL Conversation: 60 Questions Based on Vogue Interviews

English Speaking Practice: 20 Conversation Topics

Popular ESL Conversation Topics for English Practice

Conversation Starters: 30 Interesting Conversation Questions Not Only For ESL Students