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Health Vocabulary: Common Symptoms

Health vocabulary online exercise.

Scroll down for the list of all words and their definitions.

Nausea          feeling of sickness 
Itching         unpleasant feeling on skin that makes you want to rub it
Fever           abnormally high body temperature  
Vomiting        emptying the contents of the stomach through the mouth 
Wheezing        making a high noise when breathing 
Dizziness       feeling unsteady 
Fatigue         extreme tiredness 
Sweating        secreting fluid through skin 
Anxiety         feeling of worry, nervousness 
Indigestion     upset stomach
Sneeze          expel something out of your nose at high speed 
Swelling        when a body part gets bigger 
Diarrhea        unhealthy fluid shit 
Rash            red itchy skin

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