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Ever seen confetti on a link? Well, not literally, but some links here might have a festive affiliate twist. If you click and end up at an amazing destination, it’s like a mini-party for both of us – you find cool stuff, and we get a little confetti shower too.

Hey there, fellow educators! So, I stumbled upon – a website that is a treasure trove of TEFL lesson plans- not too long ago and as someone who’s passionate about teaching and always on the lookout for top-notch resources, I dove into their offerings with genuine excitement.

This website is all about backing up teachers like us. Founded by two experienced educators with nearly 30 years of combined teaching under their belts, they get the teacher life.

They get that prepping killer TEFL lesson plans can be stressful and time-sucking. That’s why they’re all about supporting us with top-quality resources that cut the stress and save time. Their lessons come with everything you need – teacher’s notes, answer keys, and even pronunciation guides. It’s like they’ve thought of everything.

And guess what? Their website is packed with all kinds of teaching goodies –TEFL lesson plans, activities, games, and worksheets. All designed to help us create lessons that light up our students’ faces. They’re constantly updating too, so there’s always something new to discover.

Getting Hooked on the Free Stuff:

Okay, let’s talk about their free resources. They’ve got this cool collection of stuff that’s like a treasure chest for teachers. I’m talking interactive activities, ready-to-roll lesson plans – you name it. I’ve sneaked some of these into my classes and trust me, the kids are loving it. It’s like a secret weapon for keeping them all jazzed up.

Diving into the 6-Month Membership:

The 6-month membership offers a burst of new content every time you log in. The lesson plans fit seamlessly into your teaching style, as if they were tailor-made for your classroom. It’s like having a toolkit of puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together to create engaging lessons.

Going the Distance with the 12-Month Access:

If you’re ready to commit to a longer teaching journey, the 12-month access membership is your trusty companion. Their impressive range of materials covers a multitude of topics and teaching styles, ensuring you never hit a teaching rut again.

Give a Nod to the School Package:

Oh, and listen to this – they’ve got this school package thing. If your school is all about teaching awesomeness, you’re in for a treat. It’s like they’re handing out goodie bags to all the teachers. And let’s be real, having the whole gang on the same page when it comes to teaching is a total win.

Bottom line, this discovery has been like stumbling upon a goldmine. It’s not just about resources; it’s about having a buddy who totally gets the teacher life. So if you’re up for injecting some oomph into your lessons, give a whirl. Let’s make teaching as fun as it should be, shall we?

Plus, get this – you can snag 20% off your first membership with their coupon code: INTRO20. I mean, who doesn’t love a good deal?

Check out the memberships below!

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ESL/EFL Resources: Worksheets, Lesson Plans, Communication Activities and Games

Our new ESL/EFL resources are now available at our shop.

Check our our bundles of vocabulary activites, role-plays or communication activities.

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In this bundle, you will find five role-play activities dealing with topics such as:

  • Climate change
  • Car emissions
  • Recycling
  • Eating meat
  • Nuclear power

AND twelve role-play activities based on real-life situations. Topics include:

  • Family
  • School
  • Friends
  • Work

These two activities are our most popular ESL EFL resources.

  • 120 Conversation Starters
  • One-Minute Speaking Activity

230+ conversation cards on various topics.
Hours of no-prep speaking activities.

These Taboo vocabulary games are immensely popular. Three are better than one.

Not sure if you want to buy anything? Have a look at our free resources.

Online Exercises


Balderdash Game

Video Lessons

TEDtalk Lessons

No-Prep ESL Picture Description Speaking Activity

No-Prep ESL Picture Description: A Quick Tip

I often use various picture prompts for discussions, simple photo descriptions, storytelling, short warm-ups, fillers.

I used these two quite recently when discussing fashion. You can either have the students compare the photos or to create a short story for each of them.


ESL Conversation Lesson: Game Of Thrones And Traveling

How Can We Volunteer While On Holiday. ESL Group Work: Volunteer Holidays.

ESL Speaking Activity: Conversation Cards

ESL Picture Storytelling Activity

ESL Communication Activity: Science Role Plays


10 Websites To Make Your Lessons More Engaging And Fun

This is a list of my 10 favorite fun ESL/EFL websites which I regularly use when I want to spice things up a bit in the classroom, reward my students or give them some relax time.

These are all great for learning vocabulary, revising, they can be used in various projects, to promote reading, cooperation, creativity. There are soooo many things you can do with these sites, just use your creativity or get inspired by my tips.

1. Kahoot

With Kahoot, you can create various quizzes and games and if you’re in a bit of a hurry you can use its extensive library of quizzes. It has a number of quizzes on various vocabulary topics, grammar and many interesting topics such as history, geography, pop culture, trivia.
My tip: Have your students sign up at Kahoot and create their own quiz. You can assign them a topic based on what you’re currently studying in the class or let them choose their own topic. They love creating their own quizzes, especially those with insider jokes.

2. Baamboozle

I use this site mostly with my younger learners as it doesn’t have many higher level grammar or vocabulary quizzes.
My tip: put your students in teams (max number of teams is 4), choose a quiz and let them play the Classic mode with the power up, it’s much more fun!

3. Jeopardylabs

Everybody knows Jeopardy. So far, I was able to find any grammar or vocabulary revision quiz I needed. Lots of quizzes on many topics, but beware as the quality varies. You can create your own Jeopardy quiz and you can also assign your students a topic and let them create their own quiz to test their classmates’ knowledge.

4. Smartypins

This is a fun little Google game which can be used as a warmer, filler or a 5 minute activity when teaching travel, culture, etc.

5. Geoguessr

This is a similar site to now nonexistent Locate street (which I liked better). It uses Google Street View to drop you anywhere on the planet and you must guess your location based on vegetation, signs, people. It’s a funny way to teach the students about interesting and remote places. I sometimes use it as a reward, the kids love it. Tell them to sign up, it’s free and they will avoid the annoying pop up.

6. Merriam-Webster

I didn’t expect a dictionary website to be this entertaining. There are games, quizzes, videos. They are educational and fun and I love them.
My top picks: Name That Thing, there is also the Animal Edition of the game. You have 10 seconds to answer each question, 12 pictures and a lot of fun!
How Strong Is Your Vocabulary is also fun and you can repeat after a couple of months to see if your students’s vocabulary has improved.
Another game is a challenging puzzle which is described as “anagram puzzles meet word search.” This one can also be downloaded to mobile phone.

7. Etymonline

How often do you explain the etymology of the vocabulary you are teaching? I do it quite often as many English words come from Latin, Greek, French and it’s easier for the students to remember the words when they see how similar the words can be to words in their own language(this applies to European languages).

8. 5 Minute Mystery

As the name suggests, this site offers short, five-minute mysteries. Students have to sign up, it’s free and quick and then they can start sleuthing. Great activity for painless reading practice.

9. The Game Gal

Here you can find plenty of simple, family-friendly games. I mostly use the Word Generator for charades, pictionary and other games. The great thing is I only need my laptop and I project the words on the whiteboard, so the students don’t need computers.

10. Scrabble Sprint

Scrabble needs no introduction, so I’ll only say that this one’s fast.

Recently I posted another article about fun and useful ESL/EFL websites and it got a lot of hits. You can read it here:

My 10 Favourite ESL/EFL Resource Websites.

Check out our communicative resources.

ESL Vocabulary Activity. Forbidden Words: Health

Six page  ESL taboo vocabulary activity: Health.  60+ cards, more than 200 words.

Level: Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate
Time: 5-30min
Skills: Speaking, Listening
Topic: Health
PDF: Forbidden Words: Health


Free sample version: Forbidden Words_ Health Sample

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