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Ever seen confetti on a link? Well, not literally, but some links here might have a festive affiliate twist. If you click and end up at an amazing destination, it’s like a mini-party for both of us – you find cool stuff, and we get a little confetti shower too.

Hey there, fellow educators! So, I stumbled upon – a website that is a treasure trove of TEFL lesson plans- not too long ago and as someone who’s passionate about teaching and always on the lookout for top-notch resources, I dove into their offerings with genuine excitement.

This website is all about backing up teachers like us. Founded by two experienced educators with nearly 30 years of combined teaching under their belts, they get the teacher life.

They get that prepping killer TEFL lesson plans can be stressful and time-sucking. That’s why they’re all about supporting us with top-quality resources that cut the stress and save time. Their lessons come with everything you need – teacher’s notes, answer keys, and even pronunciation guides. It’s like they’ve thought of everything.

And guess what? Their website is packed with all kinds of teaching goodies –TEFL lesson plans, activities, games, and worksheets. All designed to help us create lessons that light up our students’ faces. They’re constantly updating too, so there’s always something new to discover.

Getting Hooked on the Free Stuff:

Okay, let’s talk about their free resources. They’ve got this cool collection of stuff that’s like a treasure chest for teachers. I’m talking interactive activities, ready-to-roll lesson plans – you name it. I’ve sneaked some of these into my classes and trust me, the kids are loving it. It’s like a secret weapon for keeping them all jazzed up.

Diving into the 6-Month Membership:

The 6-month membership offers a burst of new content every time you log in. The lesson plans fit seamlessly into your teaching style, as if they were tailor-made for your classroom. It’s like having a toolkit of puzzle pieces that fit perfectly together to create engaging lessons.

Going the Distance with the 12-Month Access:

If you’re ready to commit to a longer teaching journey, the 12-month access membership is your trusty companion. Their impressive range of materials covers a multitude of topics and teaching styles, ensuring you never hit a teaching rut again.

Give a Nod to the School Package:

Oh, and listen to this – they’ve got this school package thing. If your school is all about teaching awesomeness, you’re in for a treat. It’s like they’re handing out goodie bags to all the teachers. And let’s be real, having the whole gang on the same page when it comes to teaching is a total win.

Bottom line, this discovery has been like stumbling upon a goldmine. It’s not just about resources; it’s about having a buddy who totally gets the teacher life. So if you’re up for injecting some oomph into your lessons, give a whirl. Let’s make teaching as fun as it should be, shall we?

Plus, get this – you can snag 20% off your first membership with their coupon code: INTRO20. I mean, who doesn’t love a good deal?

Check out the memberships below!

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