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25 For and Against Essay Topics and Ideas that Double as Conversation Topics

for and against essay topics

25 for and against essay topics that can be also used for class debates.

For and against essay topics: layout.

• The first paragraph should be the introduction. Include a thesis statement, which summarises the main issue.

• The second paragraph should focus on the advantages. Include at least two arguments, if possible. Give examples where appropriate, introduced by phrases like For example or For instance.

• The third paragraph should focus on the disadvantages. Include at least two arguments, if possible. Begin the third paragraph with a phrase like On the other hand or However,.. to express contrast with statements in the previous paragraph.

• The fourth paragraph should be the conclusion. State your own opinion and decide whether the arguments for outweigh the arguments against the thesis statement or the other way around.

Source: Solutions Upper-Intermediate

esl taboo card game
For and against essay topics
  1. Having a role model can affect someone negatively.
  2. Should dyed hairstyles be allowed in school?
  3. Can a bad upbringing be an excuse for a felony?
  4. Social media – a blessing or a curse?
  5. It’s possible to learn to love somebody.
  6. You don’t need a college degree to be successful.
  7. Your past does not define you.
  8. Does watching fantasy films affect our perception of reality?
  9. Should there be a mandatory number of trees per square kilometer?
  10. Should people older than 65 be able to be politicians?
  11. Should healthcare be state-owned or privatized?
  12. Is immortality a blessing or a curse?
  13. Is the sous-vide method of preparing meals worth trying?
  14. Should self-driving cars be illegal?
  15. Should sharing hoaxes and false information on the Internet be severely punished?
  16. Should students do a part-time job while they are still studying?
  17. Sessions with a therapist should be mandatory for kids and teens
  18. Every country in the world should ban cigarettes.
  19. Every country in the world should stop producing and selling plastic bags and bottles.
  20. Field trips to prisons should be mandatory to help lower the crime rate.
  21. Scientists should pair people up for marriage based on DNA.
  22. A new universal language should be taught in every school.
  23. Should universities be apolitical?
  24. Do orphans have the same opportunities to be successful as children from complete families?
  25. Should the state have more control over our privacy?

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