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ESL Exam Speaking Picture Description and Questions

This ESL exam speaking task based on picture description and questions will help students prepare for a number of international exams, as well as local school leaving examinations – e.g. Matura.

In many English exams including FCE students will have to talk about/describe pictures. The format varies, the examination paper can contain a pair of contrasting photos, several photos on the same topic, etc.

These two practice tasks are monothematic as they focus on the topic of Places and Jobs, respectively.

The practice exam paper contains two contrasting pictures and description prompts/discussion questions.

ESL Exam Speaking: Jobs


  1. Describe and compare the pictures. What do you see?
    What is happening?
  2. What are the people in the pictures doing? What jobs do they have?
  3. What skills and education do you need for the jobs depicted?
  4. What personal qualities are important to have to be good at those jobs?
  5. Do you need any special tools or equipment for that job?
  6. Do you think those jobs are well paid? Why?

Which job would you choose and why? What is your dream job? What skills and education would
you need to get it?

ESL Exam Speaking: Places


  1. Describe and compare the pictures. What do you see?
    What is happening?
  2. What countries do you think are in the pictures?
  3. Have you ever visited similar places? If not, would you
    like to? Why?
  4. What could you do in places like that? Would you need
    any equipment for those activities?
  5. What kind of people do you think live in places like that?

Which place would you prefer to visit? Why?

Download the PDF for easy printing

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