English Speaking Practice: 20 Conversation Topics

These conversations topics and questions will help any learner practice and master speaking English. Age or level of English doesn’t matter, what matters is practice, practice, practice.

So here you go, find a speaking partner, choose a topic and have fun!

1. Current situation

How are you doing?

How’s the job?

How’s the family?

How was your weekend?

2. Job / Work

What do you do?

How long have you worked there?

Do you like it?

How are your coworkers?

What’s the best / worst thing about being a (their job)?

3. News

What do you think about (current news story)?

Did you hear about (news story)?

How much do you follow the news?

What do you think doesn’t get enough news coverage?

What gets too much attention in the news?

How do you get your news?

4. Sports

Do you like (sport you like)?

What teams do you follow?

What was the last game you went to?

What do you think about (popular player / team that is doing well)?

Do you play any sports?

Who do you think will win the (major sports event)?

5. Not too distant future

What are your plans for the weekend?

Where are you planning to go for your next vacation?

Do you have anything exciting going on this week?

1. Free time

What do you do in your free time?

How much free time do you have?

What do you wish you had more time for?

2. Music

What kind of music are you into?

What music did you like when you were younger?

What’s your favorite band / singer?

Have you been to any concerts recently?

What’s your favorite album?

3. Movies

What type of movies do you like?

What’s your favorite movie?

Who’s your favorite actor / actress / director?

What’s the last movie you saw?

4. Food

What’s your favorite food / ethnic food / restaurant / thing to cook / seasonal food?

Do you like cooking?

How do you usually find good restaurants?

What weird foods have you tried?

5. Books

Do you like reading books?

What types of books do you like?

What’s the last book you read?

What’s your favorite book?

What book is overrated?

Are there any books you would really recommend I read?

6. TV

What shows do you watch?

What do you think about (popular TV show)?

Have you seen (TV show you like)?

What are some shows that ended that you were really into?

What show do I really need to check out?

7. Travel

Where have you been on vacation?

What did you like / dislike about (place they traveled)?

Where do you wish you could go?

What place do I really need to see?

What’s your favorite place you’ve been?

8. Hobbies

Do you have any hobbies?

How long have you been doing them?

How did you get started?

What common misconceptions do people have about your hobby?

What hobbies did you have when you were younger?

9. Learning / Studies

What kinds of things do you pick up easily?

What subjects were hardest for you in school?

What kinds of things are you interested in learning more about?

1. Where they grew up

What was your hometown like?

Did you enjoy where you grew up?

How much did where you grew up shape you?

What were some of the best and worst things about where you grew up?

2. Things they were into

What games did you play as a child?

What kind of hobbies did you have when you were growing up?

What cartoons or shows did you watch when you were a kid?

What fads or interests were you really into when you were younger?

3. Friends

Do you stay in touch with your old childhood friends?

What do you usually do when you hang out with your friends?

Do you prefer having a lot of friends or just a few close ones?

How long have you known your best friend?

How did you and your best friend meet?

4. Accomplishments

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

What awards or trophies have you won?

What is the next big thing you want to accomplish?

5. The distant future

What do you think life will be like in 10 / 25 / 50 / 100 years?

Do you think humanity is headed in a good direction?

What discovery could be made that would completely change the course of humanity?

How long would you like to live?

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Popular ESL Conversation Topics for English Practice

This activity for adults and teenagers contains five ESL conversation topics and fifty conversation questions. It starts with everyone’s most favorite topic: Tell me something about you. People love to talk about themselves, so let them! You can also watch this interesting Ted Talk about being ourselves. If you love Scottish accent as much as I do, watch also this.

Other included ESL conversation topics are Future, Society, Culture, and Environment.

The slideshow can be used as a resource for online teaching: share your screen on Zoom or other app when teaching online. Click on the full screen option in the top right corner of the slideshow and your whole group can discuss or if you want to use the activity in smaller groups, assign your students into breakout rooms and send them the PDF with the conversation questions before your lesson. During the lesson, pop into the breakout rooms to listen in and observe.

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Popular ESL Conversation Topics


  1. Use five words to describe who you are. Explain.
  2. What makes you happy?
  3. Who is the most important person in your life?
  4. Name three things you couldn’t live without.
  5. What do you love about your life?
  6. What do you hate about your life?
  7. What would you like to change about your life?
  8. Which character from a book/movie would you like to be and why?
  9. What do you value in other people?
  10. What do you like about yourself?


  1. Do you plan everything or do you like to be spontaneous?
  2. Do you want to study at university? Why?
  3. What would you like to do with your life in 10 years?
  4. How do you think the world will change in 20 years?
  5. Do you think humans will colonize space one day?
  6. If you could know three facts about any specific time in the future, what would you like to know?
  7. Would you rather travel to the future or the past?
  8. What are you looking forward to?
  9. What scares you about your future?
  10. What would you say to your future 70-year-old self?


  1. In your opinion, what are the most serious issues in our society?
  2. How would you describe your community?
  3. How do you imagine the ideal society?
  4. What values are important to you?
  5. How do legal drugs harm our society?
  6. How has society changed in the last 20 years?
  7. Which changes in our society do you dislike? Why?
  8. What is the influence of technology on our lives?
  9. Have you ever broken any rules?
  10. Which laws/rules should be changed? 


  1. How would you define culture?
  2. How is the culture of your country different from the others?
  3. Is there any culture that you admire/like?
  4. Do you think globalization can destroy the local culture?
  5. Which aspects of different cultures can you find in your community?
  6. Which part of your culture is the most important to you? Why?
  7. Which customs and traditions are typical for your culture/region?
  8. Is there anything about your culture that you don’t like?
  9. What do people from different cultures have in common?
  10. Which culture would you like to know more about?


  1. Which environmental issue is, in your opinion, the most serious?
  2. Can individual efforts make any change to improve the environment?
  3. How environmentally conscious are you?
  4. What can businesses do to behave more eco-friendly?
  5. What do you think about Zoos?
  6. What do you think about hunting?
  7. How do you feel about the future of our planet?
  8. Which industry is the most harmful to the environment?
  9. If you could, what 3 laws would you introduce to protect the environment?
  10. Do you think veganism is more eco-friendly than eating meat?

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