shayne smith stand up comedian

ESL Video Lesson Plan: Stand Up Comedy With Shayne Smith And The Prisoner of Azkaban

STAND UP LESSON PLAN WARM-UP QUESTIONS What do you think about people who have a lot of tattoos? Do you have any tattoos? If not what tattoo would you like to have? What do you think about body modifications? (piercing, implants, scarification) Have you ever got looks from strangers because of the way you dress? … Continue reading ESL Video Lesson Plan: Stand Up Comedy With Shayne Smith And The Prisoner of Azkaban


What? When? Where? Asking Questions ESL Activity

A speaking activity to practice asking questions. Explain the activity. Emphasis that they can only ask questions, they can't explain the words or give synonyms. Explain that students will get a point for every word that they guess. At the end, the pair with the highest number of points wins . Divide the students into … Continue reading What? When? Where? Asking Questions ESL Activity

esl reading speaking lesson plan complaints

Ridiculous Holiday Complaints: Reading And Speaking(Role-play) ESL Lesson Plan

Holiday complaints: An engaging ESL activity promoting reading and speaking.

ted video lesson esl

TEDtalk Video ESL Lesson Plan: What Makes Something Go Viral

ESL lesson plan based on TEDtalk: What makes something go viral. It deals with the Internet, social media and technology. And BuzzFeed.

esp group activity

How Can We Volunteer While On Holiday. ESL Group Work: Volunteer Holidays.

This ESL group work speaking activity is for intermediate and upper intermediate students. Students plan and present a volunteer holiday.

websites that make your lessons more fun

10 Websites To Make Your Lessons More Engaging And Fun

Fun and engaging online activities for your ESL/EFL classes.

esl vocabulary activity health

ESL Vocabulary Activity. Forbidden Words: Health

Vocabulary activity based on the popular Taboo game.

british and american english

My 10 Favourite ESL/EFL Resource Websites

These are the 10 resource websites I can't imagine my life without.

esl speaking activity

ESL Speaking Activity: Conversation Cards

One-Minute Talk is an engaging speaking activity that is great as a warm-up, filler, conversation starter and speaking practice.