ESL Video Lesson Plan: Stand Up Comedy With Shayne Smith And The Prisoner of Azkaban



  1. What do you think about people who have a lot of tattoos?

  2. Do you have any tattoos? If not what tattoo would you like to have?

  3. What do you think about body modifications? (piercing, implants, scarification)

  4. Have you ever got looks from strangers because of the way you dress?

  5. Do you ever judge people by their looks?

  6. What do you know about Harry Potter? What is Azkaban?



This is some of the vocabulary you are going to hear in the video. After watching the video, match the words and phrases with their definitions.

  1. to be on board

  2. assume

  3. interaction

  4. weird

  5. call it

  6. tank top

  7. judgment call

  8. white trash

  9. do time

  10. mess with someone

  11. impress

  1. think, or expect something is true

  2. poor white people

  3. a subjective decision

  4. spend time in prison

  5. to be a part of a team, to agree with something

  6. cause someone admire and respect you

  7. to treat someone in a bad, rude, or annoying way, or to start an argument with someone

  8. strange

  9. when two or more people or things communicate with each other

  10. a sleeveless shirt

  11. saying as it is

Download the printable PDF: ESL Video Lesson Plan: Standup

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