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ESL Exercises

English Grammar Exercises and Activities

A growing list of English grammar exercises and activities for ESL teachers to use in the classroom.

Learning grammar is something students often dislike and are afraid of. English grammar can be sometimes difficult to understand or remember and students don’t feel motivated and feel bored.

Online exercises that students can do at their own pace and fun conversation questions and activities can be highly motivational and can improve retention.

Present Simple and Present Continuous

Past Simple and Past Continuous

Conversation Questions: Future Tenses

Conversation Questions Conditionals: ESL Speaking Activity

Conversation Questions Passive: ESL Speaking Activity

Other resources:

Engaging Online Teaching: ESL Activities and Games

Role-play Scenarios for ESL: Discussing Different Topics and Situations, Even Vaccination!

ESL/EFL Vocabulary Activity: Travel Compound Nouns Dominoes

ESL Role Play Worksheet: Travel/Holidays

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