‘Tis The Season!

Fun Vocabulay Poster: Christmas Edition.


Fun Vocabulary Posters For ESL/EFL Students

Vocabulary posters: Weather Idioms, Animal Idioms, Personality Adjectives.

Motivational Posters

Posters for your classroom.                                                                                                        … Continue reading Motivational Posters

Vocabulary Posters – Idioms and Collocations.

I have neglected my blog in the past couple of weeks, mostly due to my duties at the school where I teach. Staff meetings, entrance exams, school leaving exams, paperwork...and at the end of the day, no energy for creativity, or even thinking. Hopefully, I will have more time in the following weeks and then, … Continue reading Vocabulary Posters – Idioms and Collocations.

Those Cute Little Pugs Used To Be Harlots.

These little fellows are adorable monkeys indeed.  At least that was the meaning of the word in the 17th century, and it also meant harlot for some time. Miniature dog came to use only in the mid 18th century.  

Grammar isn’t that boring as it may seem.

Do you want to cast spells like Harry Potter? You don't even need a wand. All you need is proper grammar!