Binge-Watch and Improve Your English: 5 Great TV Shows Available On Netflix

I love movies and TV shows and I always recommend my students to watch as much in the original language they can, to use English subtitles, to watch YouTube videos, TED talks, to immerse themselves in the language as much as they can.

Nowadays, hundreds of movies and TV shows are available online and there isn’t an easier way to broaden vocabulary, improve listening skills and pick up some grammar without actually learning it.

My list of TV shows available on Netflix for convenient watching:

1. The Crown: I love the Queen’s accent, the costumes and I love Churchill. Season 1 is available for binge-watching and the good news is that Season 2 will be available sooon, on 8th of December! Yay! Now I can’t decide if I want to watch it right away or save it for Christmas, so I could savor it properly.


2. House of Cards: All 5 Seasons are available so that’s a lot of episodes. And a lot of fun. We may have lost Kevin Spacey but Frank Underwood will stay with us forever. If he doesn’t destroy us first of course. He and his beautiful wife will suck you into the world of politics and intrigues. Great for vocabulary.


3. Chef’s Table: Don’t watch this hungry. Actually, it doesn’t matter.  Every time I watched this I ended up raiding the fridge. It is a 3 Season documentary focusing on renowned chefs around the world. The colours are unbelievable and I love the music as well. It is great when learning food-related vocabulary.


4. IT Crowd: The British original, not the American spin-off. It’s a bit older, but all 5 Seasons are available for your viewing pleasure. This show is pure gold. The episodes are short, around 20 minutes and hilarious. You will pee yourself. And learn some English on the go.


5.Dexter: This TV show ended in 2013, it has 8 Seasons, each with 12 episodes so you will have some serious watching to do. The main hero is a forensic specialist working for Miami Police and oh wait, he is a serial killer as well. It is sarcastic, messy, violent and very entertaining. Good for crime vocabulary.



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