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ESL Speaking Activity: Conditional Discussion Questions

Discussion questions in First, Second and Third Conditional. Download here>>>>>Conditionals Speaking Activity Other speaking activities: ESL Speaking Activity: Business English… Read More »ESL Speaking Activity: Conditional Discussion Questions

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Will Your Students Steal A Car?: ESL/EFL Simulation Activity

This activity is for a group of four students, B1-B2 level, 15+ age.  

I find it’s best to use this activity after teaching crime vocabulary, and after teaching some basic concepts of peer pressure, argumentation, and manipulation. What I like about this activity is that the character cards don’t tell the students what decisions they should make, it’s purely their choice.


Four friends are hanging out after school. One of them wants to steal a car but he/she can only steal it if EVERYONE agrees. Will he/she be successful? If yes, there is the second part of the story which you will tell them( or show on a slip of paper, so they can read it)

  1. Let the students draw their characters, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.
  2. Explain to them they will play 4 friends hanging out and chatting in a simulation about friendship and that they will find some basic information about their characters but the rest and they will have to fill themselves as well as any further moves and decisions.
  3. Give them the character cards and tell them to think about their characters a bit and prepare topics to talk about.
  4. After they read their cards you shouldn’t answer any further questions.

Student  Winter:  You are a good kid. You’ve never stolen anything, you think cheating is wrong and you would never lie to your parents. Also, it is hard for you to find new friends and you’ve recently moved into a new town, you are the new kid in school and you want to find new friends and keep them. One day after school, you’re hanging out in the shopping mall, drinking bubble tea and getting to know your friends. You like student Summer, don’t know Student Autumn much and are afraid of Student Spring.Read More »Will Your Students Steal A Car?: ESL/EFL Simulation Activity