esl speaking activity

ESL Speaking Activity: Conversation Cards

One-Minute Talk is an engaging speaking activity that is great as a warm-up, filler, conversation starter and speaking practice.

Converstation starters

28 ESL/EFL Conversation Starters to Spark Conversation

There are not enough conversation questions in the resource universe to satisfy the needs of an average English teacher. We need more, more! Especially, when you teach one-on-one, the search for good questions can be excruciating. I put together 28 questions which can help the conversation to get going. Some of them are closed questions, they … Continue reading 28 ESL/EFL Conversation Starters to Spark Conversation

At The Restaurant: ESL Pair Work and Role Play Lesson.

  Not everyone can cook, but we all love food. It is a perfect conversation topic and even the shy students usually come out of their shells (seafood pun) when you ask them about their favourite food. Food is everywhere now, popular TV shows made home cooking fashionable, food blogs with amazing photos will make you drool, … Continue reading At The Restaurant: ESL Pair Work and Role Play Lesson.

ESL role plays: travel and holidays

ESL Role Play Worksheet: Travel/Holidays

  There is no such thing as enough role play activities and worksheets! I've recently gone over Travel vocabulary with my Intermediate and Upper Intermediate students and I love doing these speaking activities at the end of the lesson. In my previous article, I included my own version of the Taboo card game on the topic of Travel/Holidays. The role play … Continue reading ESL Role Play Worksheet: Travel/Holidays