present tenses exercises

Present Tenses Exercises: Present Simple and Continuous

Practice your grammar with present tenses exercises. Read the explanations below, watch the video explanation, and after that practice your grammar skills with online exercises.

Present Simple vs. Present Continuous

Present SimplePresent Continuous
Things which are true(laws of nature, etc.):

Human body consists mainly of water.
Things which are happening right now

I’m reading this text.
Permanent situations:

I live in Rome.

Temporary situations:

My brother is living with me at the moment.

Situations which are slowly changing:

I‘m getting better and better at painting.
Habits or things we do regularly:
I always eat yogurt for breakfast.

Temporary or new habits:

I‘m eating too much cochocalte these days because I’m stressed from work.

Annoying habits (usually with ‘always’):
My husband is always leaving his dirty socks on the floor!
Future events which are part of a timetable:

My bus leaves at six .

To talk about the future after certain words (‘when’ ‘until’ ‘after’ ‘before’ ‘as soon as’):

I’ll do it you when I finish this.

Definite future plans:
I‘m meeting my sister after work for drinks.

To talk about what happens in books, plays and films:

At the end of the movie, they fall in love.
To talk about people in pictures and photos:

In this picture, some cute puppies are playing in the snow.

Watch the video below explaining Present Simple and Present Continuous

Present tenses exercises

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