Agree or disagree (and why?)

Excellent speaking activity! - by Mike Astbury

Scaffolding discussions for quiet students

Some of my new classes this term have students who either whisper, speak in L1 or stay completely silent during speaking activities (even at int/upper int level). Part of this reluctance to speak seems to stem from having no knowledge or strong opinions about the topics being discussed, or not having enough time to think about an answer before a more confident student dominates the conversation.

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Free E-Book: Communicative Worksheets

Download a free PDF e-book with communicative worksheets: role plays, group work, conversation activities.

Motivational Posters

Posters for your classroom.                                                                                                        … Continue reading Motivational Posters

Useful Classroom Tip: Vocabulary Revision

Whether you teach large classes or small groups, revising vocabulary in a quick and simple way is always useful, especially when its all done by the students - all you have to do is to give them instructions, circle and monitor.

ESL Speaking Activity: Conditional Discussion Questions

Discussion questions in First, Second and Third Conditional. Download here>>>>>Conditionals Speaking Activity Other speaking activities: ESL Speaking Activity: Business English Role Plays No-prep Speaking Activity: Warmer And Filler For ESL Classes 32 Inspirational And Creative Job Interview Questions For ESL/Business English Students ESL/EFL Speaking Activity: Role Play Debate

ESL Speaking Activity: Business English Role Plays

Download here>>>>> Office Problems Role Plays Other role plays: ESL/EFL Speaking Activity: Role Play Debate Role play: Making Polite Requests At The Restaurant: ESL Pair Work and Role Play Lesson ESL Role Play Worksheet: Travel/Holidays  

CAE Word Formation Practice

Great exercise for my older students.

Tim's Free English Lesson Plans

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Here’s a worksheet for CAE students to help them prepare for part 3 of the use of English paper. Download the worksheet and key below, I found the exercises on quizlet so full credit to evatrn for making the set. Use the quizlet set below to revise.

Word Formation Practice

Word Formation Key

Quizlet Word Formation set


  1. Remember to _______ patients twice daily at 8.00am and 8.00pm. WEIGHT
  2. Why do you always want to go with those ignorant ___ people? WORTH
  3. This is the most interesting ___ I’ve ever seen. PERFORM
  4. Are you ___ of sailing in the prevailing conditions? ABLE
  5. Such an act would have been deceitful and ___ . RESPONSIBILITY
  6. There is already enough ___ without that, you know. PRESS
  7. You’d ___ too many people off with that speech. FRIGHT
  8. We must experience ___, pain, and death because we are alive…

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