TEDTalks Lesson Plans

Here you can find ESL lesson plans and worksheets based on TED Talks.

TedTalks ESL lesson plans

TEDtalk Video ESL Lesson Plan: What Makes Something Go Viral

This TedTalk ESL video lesson is based on a talk by Dao Nguyen. In this video she is talking about how media spreads online and the technology and data that publishers can use to understand why.

TedTalks ESL lesson plans

TED Talk ESL Video Lesson Plan: How To Grow New Brain Cells

This TedTalk ESL video lesson is based on a  talk by Sandrine Thuret. In her talk she is asking two questions:

  1. How can we help our healthy brains create new nerve cells throughout our lives, through diet and behavior changes?
  2. How can we study the effects of diseases such as depression and Alzheimer’s on our brains’ ability to grow?

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