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Creative Resources for Teachers

Here you will find our most popular, creative resources for teachers. Some of them are quick no-prep activities which can be used as warmers or fillers. Some of them are for online classes, some are downloadable PDF for easy printing and use.

What type of creative resources for teachers are you interested in? Do you create your own resources? Are you interested in collaboration?

Let us know!

creative resources for teachers

Creative Teacher Resources

32 Inspirational And Creative Job Interview Questions For ESL/Business English Students

How to Spot Fake News: ESL Lesson Plan

12 ESL Negotiation Role-plays: Real-life situations

Storytelling Cards: Imaginative Speaking and Writing Activity

Balderdash: ESL Speaking Game

ESL Group Speaking Activity: Language Centre Simulation

ESL Speaking Activity Worksheet: Business Plan

Picture Based Speaking Activity For ESL/EFL Classes

Picture Prompts for Speaking and Writing: An ESL Activity

Group Activity For ESL/EFL Classes: Famous Stories With A Twist!

20 Fun Discussion Questions for (Not Only) the ESL Classroom

ESL Role-play Worksheet: Food

ESL Presentation Topics: 12 Mini Presentations

Food and Travel ESL Lesson: Interactive Online Lesson

Engaging Online Teaching: ESL Activities and Games

ESL Communication Activity: Science Role-Plays

No Time? 10 No-prep ESL Activities, Warm-ups and Energizers

Unfinished Sentences ESL Speaking Activity

Improvisation Cards: ESL Speaking Activity

ESL Reported Speech Speaking Activity: Gossip

What? When? Where? Asking Questions ESL Activity

No-Prep ESL Picture Description Speaking Activity

ESL Speaking Activity: Conversation Cards