Christmas Forbidden Words: Vocabulary Card Game

Learn vocabulary by explaining the definitions. Careful, you can't use some words, they are forbidden! Christmas Forbidden Words Card Game.


Fun Vocabulary Posters For ESL/EFL Students

Vocabulary posters: Weather Idioms, Animal Idioms, Personality Adjectives.

ESL Game Compound Nouns Dominoes: Town and Countryside

Vocabulary activity game. Download the game here:┬áPlaces: Compound Noun Dominoes Other vocabulary resources: Travel/Holiday Vocabulary Cards Useful Classroom Tip: Vocabulary Revision Business English Vocabulary Card Game | Forbidden Words Media/Entertainment Vocabulary Card Game Based on Taboo.  

Binge-Watch and Improve Your English: 5 Great TV Shows Available On Netflix

I love movies and TV shows and I always recommend my students to watch as much in the original language they can, to use English subtitles, to watch youtube videos, TED talks, to immerse themselves in the language as much as they can. Nowadays, hundreds of movies and TV shows are available online and there … Continue reading Binge-Watch and Improve Your English: 5 Great TV Shows Available On Netflix

Speaking Resources for ESL/EFL Teachers: Picture Prompts

I put together picture prompts on different topics which can be used when practising general speaking with your students or preparing them for various certificates and exams. I will later add more resources on different topics. You can download the pdf for free here>>>>Picture Prompts for Speaking  

Play and Learn! Kahoot: A Free Learning Platform.

Are you tired of marking vocabulary and grammar tests? Do you want to revise vocabulary and chunks of grammar quickly? Do you want to engage your students? Do you want to have data about your student's performance in neat Excel sheets readily available for you? Do you want to play a game as a warm-up … Continue reading Play and Learn! Kahoot: A Free Learning Platform.

Vocabulary Posters – Idioms and Collocations.

I have neglected my blog in the past couple of weeks, mostly due to my duties at the school where I teach. Staff meetings, entrance exams, school leaving exams, paperwork...and at the end of the day, no energy for creativity, or even thinking. Hopefully, I will have more time in the following weeks and then, … Continue reading Vocabulary Posters – Idioms and Collocations.