‘Tis The Season!

Fun Vocabulay Poster: Christmas Edition.


Fun Vocabulary Posters For ESL/EFL Students

Vocabulary posters: Weather Idioms, Animal Idioms, Personality Adjectives.

Motivational Posters

Posters for your classroom.                                                                                                        … Continue reading Motivational Posters

Vocabulary Posters – Idioms and Collocations.

I have neglected my blog in the past couple of weeks, mostly due to my duties at the school where I teach. Staff meetings, entrance exams, school leaving exams, paperwork...and at the end of the day, no energy for creativity, or even thinking. Hopefully, I will have more time in the following weeks and then, … Continue reading Vocabulary Posters – Idioms and Collocations.

Gloomy Moonlight.

Old English sæ meant "sheet of water, lake, pool." The meaning "dark area of the moon's surface." originates in the 17th century. I like the poetics hidden in the expression. The sea and the moon as eternal companions.