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Unfinished Sentences ESL Speaking Activity

Unfinished sentences ESL speaking activity

Unfinished sentences ESL speaking activity is great for revising grammar, as a warm-up or a conversation starter.

It can be used with groups of various sizes as well as in one to one classes.


Finish the sentence. Tell your story.

1. I was very surprised when__________________________________________________.

2. What I value most about my friends is_____________________________________.

3. I really regret_______________________________________________________________.

4. One of my favourite childhood memories is_______________________________.

5. I could never_______________________________________________________________.

6. For one million dollars I would____________________________________________.

7. What I really hate is________________________________________________________.

8. My favourite place is_______________________________________________________.

9. I couldn’t live without______________________________________________________.

10. If I could I would__________________________________________________________.

11. Next weekend I’m going to_______________________________________________.

12. Global warming is_________________________________________________________.

13. Three most important global issues are___________________________________.

14. Veganism is________________________________________________________________.

15. People nowdays___________________________________________________________.

16. In my free time I love______________________________________________________.

17. I wish______________________________________________________________________.

18. In the future I______________________________________________________________.

19. Last year I learnt___________________________________________________________.

20. I admire____________________________________________________________________.

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