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My 10 Favourite ESL/EFL Resource Websites

esl efl resources websites

Here is a list of my favorite ESL/EFL resource websites.

Blog de Cristina

Cristina’s blog offers a vast array of resources including listening tasks, discussion topics, grammar and vocabulary exercises, various lesson plans and many other activities.

ESL Brains

A group of teachers create video-based lessons mostly for adult learners but I’ve used their lessons with my teenage students with no problem. 

ESL Conversation Questions

Conversation questions, ice breakers, role plays,  lesson plans.

English Current

Lesson plans on various topics, grammar activities, quizzes and more.


ESL news lessons, mini lessons, skill builders.

Lesson Plans Digger

Very useful and creative teaching materials and ideas.


I guess everyone knows this one. Most of the resources are available only through a paid  subscription, but there are also many free lesson plans and activities. 


Another well-known website with plenty of English teaching resources which include kids, teens and adults. They also offer training courses and resources for teacher development.


Here you can find more than 2000 worksheets on a variety of topics.

Tim’s Free English Lesson Plans

Tim’s resources include vocabulary, writing, exam preparation, conversation classes, ted talk lessons and more.

The free resources I write and publish on EFL Ideas focus mainly on:

You can also buy my premium resources. Just click on the picture below, it will take you to ma Payhip store. The money from the premium resources help to keep this site afloat so I can continue writing more and better free resources.




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