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Class Activity Advent Calendar for ESL Students: 24 Ideas To Make Your Lesson Even More Fun!

esl christmas activity

Who doesn’t like Christmas?

This is my twist on a traditional advent calendar.

You will need a Christmas stocking, 24 slips of paper and your creativity!

Every day, pick one paper slip from the Christmas stocking and do the activity. It can be something short for only a couple of minutes or an activity for the whole lesson.

Use own ideas, or you can conveniently download, print and cut my ideas for Class Activity Advent Calendar(for younger learners). It contains 24 ideas so at some lessons you might want to use more activities, or use only 15 ideas or any number that works for you.

Download here:  Class Activity Advent Calendar



  1. Thanks for sharing. Not exactly the same but inspired from you I created a December calendar for my classes and added stickers on the days I have lessons with them and said we will do a Christmas themed activity on these days now they are looking forward to the surprises.Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Thanks for your comment. It is always great to hear from a fellow teacher. I like how you improved the activity and I love that the students are looking forward to surprises. Happy and eager students are every teacher’s dream!

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