Will Your Students Steal A Car?: ESL/EFL Simulation Activity

This activity is for a group of four students, B1-B2 level, 15+ age.   I find it's best to use this activity after teaching crime vocabulary, and after teaching some basic concepts of peer pressure, argumentation, and manipulation. What I like about this activity is that the character cards don't tell the students what decisions they … Continue reading Will Your Students Steal A Car?: ESL/EFL Simulation Activity


CAE Word Formation Practice

Great exercise for my older students.

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Here’s a worksheet for CAE students to help them prepare for part 3 of the use of English paper. Download the worksheet and key below, I found the exercises on quizlet so full credit to evatrn for making the set. Use the quizlet set below to revise.

Word Formation Practice

Word Formation Key

Quizlet Word Formation set


  1. Remember to _______ patients twice daily at 8.00am and 8.00pm. WEIGHT
  2. Why do you always want to go with those ignorant ___ people? WORTH
  3. This is the most interesting ___ I’ve ever seen. PERFORM
  4. Are you ___ of sailing in the prevailing conditions? ABLE
  5. Such an act would have been deceitful and ___ . RESPONSIBILITY
  6. There is already enough ___ without that, you know. PRESS
  7. You’d ___ too many people off with that speech. FRIGHT
  8. We must experience ___, pain, and death because we are alive…

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Picture Based Speaking Activity For ESL/EFL Classes

I got the idea for this activity after we came across a well-known photograph in our textbook, and I was surprised how many students didn't know it. Sure, young people are overwhelmed with photos all day long, take Instagram for example, but it is usually photos of celebrities, fashion, food, Starbuck cups, you get the idea. … Continue reading Picture Based Speaking Activity For ESL/EFL Classes