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Play and Learn! Kahoot: A Free Learning Platform.

Are you tired of marking vocabulary and grammar tests?

Do you want to revise vocabulary and chunks of grammar quickly?

Do you want to engage your students?

Do you want to have data about your student’s performance in neat Excel sheets readily available for you?

Do you want to play a game as a warm-up or filler, no prep whatsoever?

Do you want to have access to countless learning games?

Are you creative?

Do you enjoy creating your own games and quizzes?

If you answered YES to at least one question, you will love Kahoot.

It is a simple game based on multiple-choice quizzes. You just need to register (for free) at Kahoot and you can use the games created by others or you can create your own games. For playing the game the students will need to download a free Kahoot app or use the other Kahoot website. After entering the PIN number of the game, the students will all connect to the game, use the app or website as a controller and the fun can begin!


Remeber the neat Excel sheets? After every game, you can download the results where you will see in detail how individual students performed so you will know what areas need more revision and what you should focus on. Below is a print screen of a game of idioms, it is the first page where you can see the general results, the students can also give you feedback at the end of each game, which is quite useful.

If you already know Kahoot, let me know in the comments what kinds of games you play. If you haven’t used it yet, what are you waiting for?kahoot

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