Those Cute Little Pugs Used To Be Harlots.

These little fellows are adorable monkeys indeed.  At least that was the meaning of the word in the 17th century, and it also meant harlot for some time. Miniature dog came to use only in the mid 18th century.  


Grammar isn’t that boring as it may seem.

Do you want to cast spells like Harry Potter? You don't even need a wand. All you need is proper grammar!  

The Power of a Story

  People love stories. 100 000 years ago, human language started to develop and our ancestors started to share stories. It is something we have encoded in us, something that dates back to those times when hunters sat around the fire, telling tales of bravery  and reliving the moments of victory over the animals that … Continue reading The Power of a Story

Planning And Improvising In Teaching

I have four colleagues in our English department at our school and we have quite distinctive personalities. Naturally, each of us has a different approach to teaching. What sticks out the most, is the planner/spontaneous type of personality and various teaching methods and tools each of them employs. These personality types and the way they manifest in the work … Continue reading Planning And Improvising In Teaching